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Who We Are:

Community Presbyterian Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church USA through Indian Nations Presbytery. As such we are under the authority of scriptures, guided by our confessions, and the Book of Order.

Our History:

     Prior to the present organization, the First Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga was organized under the Presbyterian Church. United State or southern branch of thr Presbyterian Church, on the first Sunday of July, 1907.

     Services were held in  the Christian Church building.

     The Rev. J. C. Story served the pulpit until Rev. F. W. Devaughn was installed as pastor on October 6, 1907. Records of this early Presbyterian Church, affiliated with the southern branch of the Presbyterian church end in October 1919.

     It seems the church functioned for some years after this as a community church, being served by first one supply minister then another. Methodist and sometimes Christian. Services were held on alternate Sundays in the school house. 

     The present congregation (Community Presbyterian Church, affiliated with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., or northern branch) was organized upon petition of 71 members of the old Community group October 17, 1933.




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