Welcome to

Community Presbyterian Church

Service Times:

Sunday School from Children to Adult is Sundays at 9:45am 

Worship Services are Sunday at 10:30 am

Pastor Schedule

Joe Charles - October 24th, November 7th, 28th,                           December 12th, 24th, 26th.

Mike Archer -October 17th, 31st, November 14th,                          21st, December 5th, 19th

We are having Sunday School for the children and we are holding service in the church. Masks are optional.

Holy Communion will be served on ..            November 21st and December 24th

Our Table is open to all who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

309 Monroe Street

Chattanooga, OK 73528

Please email us for any need you might have and someone will be in  touch.


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